COVID-19 Vaccine Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Friday, February 19, 2021

February 19, 2021:

Here is a progress report of COVID Vaccine administration to individuals over age 65 as of February 18, 2021

  • Current allocation for Butler County is 120 doses/week
  • First doses administered on Thursdays & second doses on Tuesdays
  • 416 first doses administered through Feb. 18
  • Feb. 25 clinic is nearly full

When can you expect a call from BCHCC to schedule an appointment?

  • Birth year 1945 – Week of Feb. 22
  • Birth year 1946 – Week of Feb. 22
  • Birth year 1947 – Weeks of Feb. 22 & Mar. 1
  • Birth year 1948 – Weeks of Mar. 1 & 8
  • Birth year 1949 – Week of Mar. 8
  • Birth year 1950 – Weeks of Mar. 8 & 15
  • Birth year 1951 – Weeks of Mar. 15 & 22
  • Birth year 1952 – Weeks of Mar. 22 & 29
  • Birth year 1953 – Weeks of Mar. 29 & Apr. 5
  • Birth year 1954 – Week of Apr. 5
  • Birth year 1955 – Weeks of Apr. 5 & 12

**Please note this is based on current allocations. Increases or decreases to our weekly allocatios will change the timeline.

We are currently receiving Moderna vaccine only.  The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services makes decisions regarding our weekly allocation and which brand of vaccine we receive.

**If you were born before 1945 and have not yet received a call to schedule your vaccine, please call us at 402-367-1345.


January 26, 2021:

The next group of people who are eligible to receive the vaccine are those that are 65 and older.  Butler County Health Care Center, Butler County Clinic, Witter Family Medicine and Four Corners Health Department have created a master list for this group.  If you signed up on the Four Corners vaccination website or have been a patient of the hospital, Butler County Clinic or Witter Family Medicine you are “on the list.”  You will receive a postcard within the next week that explains the vaccine process.

We plan to conduct vaccination clinics at Butler County Health Care Center as soon as we receive vaccine.  We are using age to prioritize who will receive the vaccine first, starting with the oldest people first.  There are more than 2,900 people over the age of 65 currently on our list.  We will contact you when it is time to schedule your vaccine.  We anticipate that it will take several weeks before we have enough vaccine for everyone.  If you know of someone that is 65 or older and are residents of Butler County, that don’t receive the postcard, please encourage them to visit the Four Corners Health Department registration link HERE We also encourage you to check the Butler County Health Care Center Facebook page and website for regular updates regarding the vaccine rollout in Butler County.