Outpatient RN/Surgery Circulator

Outpatient RN/Surgery Circulator

Friday, September 30, 2022

Butler County Health Care Center is seeking a full-time RN for our Outpatient & Surgery Departments. This position will work 72 hours/pay-period plus on-call 2-3 shifts/week with rotating holidays/weekends. This position assists physicians with examinations and  procedures in both our surgery department as well as our OP/Specialty Clinics. Assures that services such as lab work, other diagnostic procedures, surgery, therapy services, and other treatments are scheduled appropriately for patients; assesses patient needs for information and instruction, and provides patient teaching as needed. Demonstrate an awareness of and respect for patient rights and maintains patient confidentiality and completes other duties as assigned.

Closing Date: 10/21/2022

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES including the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

Understand and comply with the requirements of the Hospital’s Compliance Program, including, but not limited to the Code of Conduct, The Compliance Policy, all organization-wide policies for compliance and compliance plans affecting specific duties and responsibilities.

Participate in all education and training programs regarding compliance as required by Hospital policy and as requested by supervisor.

Outpatient RN 

1. Cares for scheduled and non-scheduled outpatients.  Provides competent assessments, infusion therapy, injections, wound care, dressing changes, non-stress tests, obstetrical monitoring, assists providers at the bedside, and performs other cares as needed.
2. Functions as a working staff member in surgery and takes O.R. call as scheduled.
3. Recovers surgical patients in the PACU.
4. Assists in ER as necessary.
5. Coordinates physician clinics.  Prepares for and assists provider on day of the clinic.
6. Assists in scheduling and coordinating various surgical procedures and outpatient appointments. Communicates scheduling changes to appropriate departments.
7. Pre-registers surgical and obstetric procedures.
8. Prepares surgical charts and provides completed charts to the nurses’ station prior to surgical procedures.
9. Performs concise charting of patient medications, treatments, procedures, patient teaching and pre-registrations in the electronic health record.
10. Possesses computer skills necessary for outpatient nursing functions.
11. Documents patient charges daily.
12. Prepares and restocks outpatient areas.
13. Works closely and cooperates with all department in the facility.
14. Maintains confidentiality and assists others to keep confidentiality.
15. Maintains current Nebraska license, maintains CEU’s, attends educational programs to stay current with evidenced based practice.
16. Attends hospital meetings and educational classes unless involved in direct patient care.
17. Maintains safe working environment and reports safety issues to appropriate department.
18. Wears appropriate barrier protection when caring for patients in isolation or when exposure to blood and/or body fluids is anticipated.
19. Maintains safe work practices 100% of time to reduce the risk of occupational exposure during all procedures or other potentially infectious materials.

Surgery Circulator

1. Available 24 hours/day on scheduled call days for surgery by carrying a cell phone when not in the building or near home phone. Must be at the hospital within 30 minutes of being notified of a nonscheduled case and 45 minutes to 1 hour pre-op for scheduled cases (as needed to be ready for the day).
2. Checks for proper documentation on patient’s chart pre-operatively to include surgical permit, H & P, lab values, anesthesia questionnaire, allergies and pre-op checklist and makes sure all pre-op orders are carried out.
3. Facilitates a successful surgical procedure by communicating with surgery team about surgery planned anesthesia, position of patient and supplies needed & initiating/participating in “time outs”.
4. Assists with maintaining patient’s comfort and safety during the peri-operative period and confronting others using the TeamSTEPPS approach when patient’s safety is jeopardized. This includes positioning patient in a safe manner, assisting with sponge, sharps and instrument counts at the directed times and isolating and reporting any malfunctioning equipment to the OR Coordinator, maintenance personnel, or Risk Manager as appropriate.
5. Accurately documents the peri-operative period in the electronic health record.
6. Preserves, labels, and documents all surgical specimens according to policy. 7. Provides immediate post-op nursing care by accompanying patient to the post anesthesia care unit, and monitors patient per PACU policies/procedures and documenting the same. 8. Perform tasks using computers and computer software. 9. Maintain confidentiality and assist others to do the same. 10. Wears appropriate personal protective equipment when caring for patients in isolation or when exposure to blood and and/or body fluids is anticipated.
11. Maintains safe work practices 100% of time to reduce the risk of occupational exposure during all procedures or tasks that involve contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.