Acute & Skilled Care

Acute & Skilled Care

Acute Care

Butler County Health Care Center strives to provide the same level of care as a large facility but with the small facility friendliness and attention to detail. This is accomplished through years of experience, staff training and up-to-date technology. Our goal at Butler County Health Care Center is for your stay to be comfortable and pleasing for both you and your family.

The patient rooms at Butler County Health Care Center are all private patient rooms. The layout of the patient rooms are all designed to maximize patient safety and staff efficiency. Each patient room is carpeted and has a private bathroom with zero entry showers that can be used by the patient independently or with assistance from staff. Both of which reduce the risk of falls. There are computers installed at the head of each patient bed that allows nursing staff to use an electronic medication administration system that helps to minimize medication errors and it is used to electronically chart medical records.

Other ammonites available in the patient rooms to make your stay more comfortable are a flat screen television, sitting area for family and visitors with pull out couch and wireless internet service.

Skilled Care

Skilled Care (or Swing Bed) is a Medicare program designed to provide additional inpatient care to those needing extra time to heal or strengthen before returning home. A patient qualifies for skilled care after at least a three-night qualifying stay as an inpatient within the last 30 days before transferring or transitioning to the skilled care program. Patients must need ongoing monitoring, rehabilitative therapy or a daily skilled need, such as IV antibiotics or tube feeding. There are no age restrictions on skilled care services. Patients utilize skilled care after a major surgery or after a lengthy illness. A patient can transfer from a larger facility to skilled care at Butler County Health Care Center, or, if they are already an inpatient at BCHCC, his or her hospital designation can be changed to receive swing bed care.

Self Pay is available for a patient that does not meet criteria for skilled care, but are in need of skilled care services. However, the patient becomes financially responsible for their stay. The daily charge includes nursing care, room and board. There are additional charges for services and supplies such as medications. Medicare may make partial payment on physical therapy, x-rays, lab fees, and one visit per week by your physician.