Temporary Vaccination Clinic Nurse

Temporary Vaccination Clinic Nurse

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Butler County Health Care Center is seeking an RN or LPN for a temporary PRN position.  This  position will help with COVID 19 Vaccination clinics here at Butler County Health Care Center. Position requirements include: Graduate from school of nursing with a current RN or LPN license from the State of Nebraska. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES including the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

Understand and comply with the requirements of the Hospital’s Compliance Program, including, but not limited to the Code of Conduct, The Compliance Policy, all organization-wide policies for compliance and compliance plans affecting specific duties and responsibilities.

Consistently support the compliance Program through personal example; the provision of day-to-day instruction and correction to employees in regard to compliance-related issues; application of appropriate discipline as required for compliance violations; and ongoing monitoring of activities and work product in areas of responsibility with respect to compliance-related issues.

1. Ability to administer medications and vaccines competently.

2. Ability to document vaccination administration, reactions to vaccine and treatment provided.

3. Obtain and chart vital signs accurately.

4. Communicate with physicians and staff to ensure quality care provided.

5. Seek out help when needed and communicate with other team members.

6. Maintain current licensure.

7. Maintain confidentiality and assist others to keep confidentiality.

8. Maintains safe environment.

9. Appropriate barrier protection will always be used when exposure to blood and/or body fluids is anticipated.

10. Implementing safe work practices 100% of time to reduce the risk of occupational exposure during all procedures or tasks that involve contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials