WELLBEATS, formerly known as Fitness on Request, is a computerized system that conducts group or individual workout classes whenever members want to attend. The basic physical components ofWELLBEATS are a kiosk that is hooked up to a high-definition audiovisual system that features a screen up to 120” in size. WELLBEATS offers more than 50 different classes, spanning eight distinct genres. The vast selection of class formats and options allows users to personalize and heighten their workouts. Fitness of Request encompasses a variety of workout disciplines such as dance, step, aerobics, cardio aerobics, sculpt and conditioning, circuit and interval training, yoga-pilates, kickboxing and active aging.


Kettle Power
Get the best of whole body, integrated training to target every muscle in your body with WELLBEATS Kettle Power! Vigorous, safe and effective, Kettlebells offer a dynamic, progressive and challenging way to train; the results speak for themselves!

Pregnancy Express – Pre and Post Natal Classes
Pre-natal classes offer a collection of 20-minute workouts, appropriate for all three trimesters to keep you physically and mentally strong and prepared for the big day!  The Post-natal classes are designed to help you recover and ease back into your pre-pregnancy fitness ability!


If you are already a Wellness Member and have a WELLBEATS log-in, click below to reserve a class or to see the current class schedule.

  Log-in to WELLBEATS 

If you are interested in a WELLBEATS class but do not have a log-in, please call the Wellness Center at 402-367-1256.