Butler County Health Radiology Services is commitment to accuracy and excellence.  We proudly offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge imaging specialties to serve your health care needs.  We understand the pivotal role that imaging plays in shaping medical decisions. Our team of radiology technicians and board-certified radiologists provide you with the most accurate interpretations of your imaging exams, whether it's day or night. With their expertise, you can trust that your results will be meticulously analyzed, helping your health care providers make informed choices for your well-being

Our Services

3-D Mammography: Mammography is a noninvasive imaging procedure that uses a low-dose X-ray system to examine changes in breast tissue.  Our 3-D mammography is the latest in mammogram technology.  The benefits include better compression comfort, better imagining of dense breast tissue, earlier detection of breast cancer and reduced chance of needed additional images.

CT Scan: Computed Tomography (CT), also known as CAT scan, uses cross sectional images of the body tissues and organs.  Our CT Systems provides a number of benefits for physicians and patients including low-dose radiation, clinical capabilities for angiographic, abdominal, colon and neurological imaging examinations, higher image quality with 64 reconstructed slices and increased mobility through the use of a tablet and remote-based operation. 

Ultrasound: Ultrasound, also known as sonography, is a specialized imaging technique in healthcare. It employs sound waves of varying frequencies to generate images of structures within the human body.  Ultrasound serves as a versatile diagnostic tool, aiding in the identification and evaluation of a wide range of medical conditions. It's commonly used to visualize organs, tissues, blood vessels, and even the growth of a fetus during pregnancy.  Our ultrasound machine produces 3D and 4D imagining.

MRI: MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) studies are a non-invasive and radiation-free diagnostic tool that offers detailed insights into various medical conditions.  An MRI is like a super-powered camera that captures detailed images of your insides. It's perfect for looking at soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and organs. 

Lung Cancer Screening:  Butler County Health offers lung cancer screening exams through our CT scan.  This low-dose CT Scan provides quality images using 90% less ionizing radiation than a standard CT Scan.  The scan takes multiple pictures of your lungs in order to detect any abnormal areas in the lungs that may be cancer.

X-Ray: X-ray, also known as radiography, stands as the oldest and most prevalent form of medical imaging.  As the radiation beam traverses through the body, certain regions will either absorb the radiation or allow it to pass through.  X-rays are most commonly known for bone imaging but are also used to capture images of the chest, aiding in the identification of potential heart and lung diseases or conditions. Similarly, it finds utility in abdominal imaging, revealing anomalies like kidney stones or blockages within the bowel.  At Butler County Health we both standing digital x-ray and mobile x-ray machines. 

Nuclear Medicine: Nuclear medicine examinations are advanced imaging studies that involve the administration of a radiopharmaceutical, which is a safe and trace amount of a radioactive substance. These specialized medications are designed to be metabolized by various organs in the body, allowing us to gain insights into their functioning.  Nuclear medicine is particularly useful in assessing the function of organs such as the heart, thyroid, kidneys, and bones. It is commonly used to diagnose and monitor various medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease, thyroid disorders, bone abnormalities, and more.

Bone Density: A bone density scan, also known as a DEXA scan, is a type of low-dose x-ray test that measures calcium and other minerals in the bones. The measurement helps show the strength and thickness (known as bone density or mass) of the bones.  The results can help your doctor know how to treat or prevent bone loss and fractures.  This test is typically performed as females approach menopause and, when the test is repeated sometime later, can help determine how quickly the patient is losing bone mass and density. These tests are quick, painless, noninvasive, and safe.

C-arm: A C-Arm machine is an advanced medical imaging device that works on the basic premise of the X-ray technology. C-Arm is called so, due to its C-shaped arm, which is used to connect the x-ray source on one end and the detector on the other. These devices are used to capture still radiographs or fluoroscopic images in real time so the surgeons can perform more accurate procedures with better outcomes for the patient.  C-Arm machines are widely used in orthopedic, complicated surgical, pain management, and emergency procedures. It is a safe and non-invasive device.

Fluoroscopy: Fluoroscopy is a type of exam that uses continuous x-ray bursts to shows organs, tissues, or other internal structures moving in real time. Whereas standard x-rays are like still photographs, Fluoroscopy is like a video. It shows body systems in motion. These videos are then transmitted to a TV like monitor for viewing. Fluoroscopic examinations can be useful in evaluating and diagnosis problems with the cardiovascular, digestive, and reproductive systems.

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The Parkinson's Empowerment Group at Butler County Health targets so many aspects and symptoms of Parkinson’s. It improves a person’s posture, mobility, balance, and coordination, as well as cognition and ability to multi-task. I also like the flexibility of the program and being able to adjust exercises from each position to fit the need of each individual patient.  

Andy Valenti, Physical Therapist Assistant

My strategy in nutrition coaching is to focus on the positive – what things could we add to increase the variety of healthy foods in your routine?  By focusing on adding more healthy choices, you will not feel deprived as you gradually leave out less nutritious choices.  My goal is to help you get a personalized approach to wellness that you can achieve and maintain with your current lifestyle.

Sandra Burwell, Registered Dietitian

Butler County Health has felt like home to me from the beginning of my employment.  I have spent more than 5 years working in an environment that has challenged me to pursue my nursing skills in many different areas such as the Emergency Department, Obstetrics, Inpatient Care, Outpatient Care and as Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Coordinator.

Tara Palensky, RN

BCH Roots to Shoots Pediatric Therapy Clinic eliminates the need for long commutes to distant facilities like Madonna, allowing Aria to maximize her therapy sessions and educational opportunities.  It is significant for Aria’s overall well-being as it reduces the stress and agitation she had from extended travel.  The staff is like our family to us.

Jennifer Prothman

The communication between us and Leia’s Roots to Shoots therapists is excellent.  We are given the tools and resources to practice techniques at home for ongoing progress and development so she can continue to thrive.  The entire staff at Roots to Shoots goes above and beyond what needs to be done; from teaching her to wear something as simple as a mask, to helping her feel comfortable riding in another vehicle like a school bus.  They are our angels.

Stacey Bykerk

I feel having a 3D mammogram was a blessing for me since it detected my Stage 1 cancer.  The technicians were very helpful as they explained how the machine worked compared to the 2D method.  A big difference is that the 3D machines moves above your head from one size to another and gives a more complete image of the breast.  The testing time also seemed shorter than the standard mammogram.

Judy Dubs

I had a bunion on my foot and I wanted it removed,  but I really didn't want to travel too far to have the procedure done.  So when Butler County Health started providing Podiatry Services, I made an appointment right away.  Dr. Carlston is professional and personable.  He took the time to explain what happens during the procedure and afterwards.

Jill Pokorny

Being able to have my blood drawn at Butler County Health saves me a weekly trip to Omaha.  It is simple to schedule an appointment that works with my schedule and the staff is quick and efficient at drawing my blood samples.

Tanner Zeilinger